TRADE NORDIC AB was established in Göteborg – Sweden for the purpose of supply, export, trading & Vegetable cooking Oil and Used cooking Oil. We specialized in supply chain Management of Vegetable Oils, and Used Cooking Oil.

Ukraine occupies a leading position for the production of sunflower oil in the world. Sunflower oil of Ukrainian origin can be found in large numbers on store shelves in Europe. People appreciated and loved it. The industry has high demand and it is constantly evolving and improving. And the activity of the TRADE NORDIC AB is no exception. Our company is engaged in the export of sunflower oil. We sell it in bulk and packed in PET bottles in all major markets, including the European Union, Africa, Asia, Turkey, Egypt, China , Australia, North and South America.

Our Main Products

Sunflower is the gold of the lands of Ukraine !

With his head high , he always faces the sun .

The fields of sunflower delight residents of Ukraine and its guests with their stunning scenery .

But as soon as he turned his head to the ground, it was time to benefit mankind : to harvest , the most valuable – sunflower seeds .

Sunflower oil represents the highest value for humanity .

From seeds to bottling sunflower oil in bottles. The whole process takes place in modern equipment . Advanced technologies help preserve the natural vitamins A, D, E.