1000 tons/day

soybean seeds Oil processing

1300 tons/day

rapeseeds Oil processing

1600 tons/day

sunflower seeds Oil processing

800 tons/day

Corn Oil processing

We produces oil at its two plants. Modern equipment of the world’s leading producers is installed at our facilities, which ensures the highest quality and the best performance. On the factory the harmful impact to the enviro- nment is minimized, and we also control the energy consumption. During products manufacturing, we use raw materials of Ukrainian producers, which has passed strict laboratory control.


The modern oil extraction plant is impossible without auxiliary structural units that allow for a full cycle of oilseeds processing: from receiving and storage of raw materials to finished products, which consumer accustomed to. Mainly it includes elevators, preparation lines, warehouses and liquid storage tanks.


An elevator for storing oil crop seeds with the capacity of 43 000 m³ operates on the territory of the plant.


There are two silo type warehouses for meal storage at the enterprise. Each warehouse has the storage capacity of 3000 tons.


They are also equipped with granulation sections whith the capacity of 40 tons per hour.


The finished oilseeds products are stored in a tank farm with a capacity of 4×3000 tons.

Sunflower is the gold of the lands of Ukraine !

With his head high , he always faces the sun .

The fields of sunflower delight residents of Ukraine and its guests with their stunning scenery .

But as soon as he turned his head to the ground, it was time to benefit mankind : to harvest , the most valuable – sunflower seeds .

Sunflower oil represents the highest value for humanity .

From seeds to bottling sunflower oil in bottles. The whole process takes place in modern equipment . Advanced technologies help preserve the natural vitamins A, D, E.