1000 tons/day

soybean seeds Oil processing

1300 tons/day

rapeseeds Oil processing

1600 tons/day

sunflower seeds Oil processing

800 tons/day

Corn Oil processing

Our refining and deodorization plant produces both crude and refined vegetable oils, which are selling in packaged form and in bulk. We exports our products to worldwide countries. Many world wide manufacturers of mayonnaise, sauces and snacks use our oil in the production process as quality and integral raw material. And the most delicious restaurants of Ukraine and the world use PREMIUM OIL to prepare their dishes. At present, the production capacities of refined deodorized winterized oil of mark «P» are 1600 tons a day. By its characteristics, Our factory is the Ukrainian market leader and it may stand in line with the leading western producers of vegetable oil.

The company uses its own fleet to supply products. The TCS Ukraine Group of company includes cargo transportation company  leader in transportation in Ukraine and abroad. Today the company’s fleet includes more than 600 vehicles, including the latest specialized tanks, tilt semi-trailers, tippers from leading European manufacturers. TCS Ukraine has several modern filling and packaging lines.


Flexitank is a flexible container used for transportation and storage of liquid food and bulk cargo. Transportation is carried out by the 20-foot/ 40-footdry-cargo container that allows to reduce costs – whereas only cargo delivery costs are paid.


Tank container consists of a frame and tank with 26-35 m3 capacity.


Metal barrels with a capacity of 200 liters are made of materials suitable for storage of food and industrial liquids, which is confirmed by the relevant hygienic conclusions and certificates. Multiboxes – plastic containers designed for storage and transportation of the safe liquids.


Our tanks are produced in Europe of special stainless steel for foods transportation. All tanks are thermally insulated, which allows to maintain necessary temperature, and if required, it is possible to heat/cooling the product during transportation.

Sunflower is the gold of the lands of Ukraine !

With his head high , he always faces the sun .

The fields of sunflower delight residents of Ukraine and its guests with their stunning scenery .

But as soon as he turned his head to the ground, it was time to benefit mankind : to harvest , the most valuable – sunflower seeds .

Sunflower oil represents the highest value for humanity .

From seeds to bottling sunflower oil in bottles. The whole process takes place in modern equipment . Advanced technologies help preserve the natural vitamins A, D, E.