Used Cooking Oil (UCO)

Used cooking oil, made from waste cooking oil, is the raw material of biodiesel which is widely used in vehicles, railways, and aircraft fuel. In the modern world, energy and pollution is a more and more fierce problem.

Bio-diesel is a good replacement for traditional petroleum fuel, for its renewable character, degradation, and lower discharge of pollution and greenhouse gases.


Free fatty acids               2 % Max
M.I.U(Moisture and Impurities) 0.1 % max
Saponification value: 18185-1955-195
Iodine value: 120
Titre C (melting point) 13.75 ‘C
Specific Gravity @ 25’C 0.915
Density (kg/m3) 920
Flashpoint by P.-M. (Degree C) 220
Calorific Value (kj/kg) 36, 000
Kinematic Viscosity (40 deg.C) (mm2/s)
Carbon Residue (mass-%) 0.4
Sulphur Content (mg/kg) 16
Contamination (mg/kg) 24